Home to a wide range of habitats across Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Leopard (Panthera pardus) is one of the larger "big five" cats. The Leopard has a similar build to the Jaguar, but smaller and lighter. It's fur is characterized by rosettes, which act as camouflage while it hunts. The rosettes are similar to those of the Jaguar, but are smaller and more closely packed. The Leopard is known for its strength, which it uses to drag prey and carcasses into trees. It is able to run up to 58 kph, and its long tail helps improve its agility and balance.

The Leopard is an opportunistic animal, and will eat most of what it comes across. This includes wild pigs, antelopes, deer, porcupines, and other medium sized animals. Leopards take advantage of their acute hearing and sight for hunting. Larger sized prey can be dragged several hundred meters in order for the Leopard to hide it in a tree. Using their strength, Leopards can even haul animals larger themselves, such as giraffes, into trees. Often, Leopards must compete with other larger cats, such as Tigers, Lions, and Cheetahs, as well as Hyenas.

The Leopard has also adapted to a wide variety of habitats, which range from savanna and rainforests, to temperate forests in the Russian Far East. Leopards tend to avoid deserts and areas which experience lengthy snow.

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